Thursday, July 24, 2008


I've been having a hard time lately because I don't get to see my Lexi girl much. Makes me sad to have to work. On top of working, I've been trying to work out and have gotten at least 2-3 workouts in per week. Which means even more time spent away from her. Last night made up for it a little when I stepped on the scale and saw I'm down another 2.5 lbs since last Wednesday! WHOO HOO!

Still is hard only seeing my baby girl for a couple hours at night. Who can resist this one?


erinann said...

i just found this!

that smile! so sweet!

you were right about her filling out. look at those little legs!!

sarah said...

well, I think you look great. You're a good mom, and it will get easier.

Lex is a beautiful baby.

Cute blog!!!

We are the Ferrari's said...

she is too cute! :)