Friday, August 22, 2008

salsa, wine and sleep

why is it when you go to bed earlier, you're still just as tired in the morning? actually was in bed by 9:15 (read until 10:15, though) and was dead ass tired this morning!! i fell asleep an hour before i have been! ugh.

on a better note...i'm currently wearing pre-pregnancy Lucky jeans! yee-haw! and they aren't even my "fat" jeans, either. who is stoked?!? :)

we made salsa for the bazillionth time this summer last night. lex watch from her high chair. don't think she enjoyed it much as she only lasted about 10 minutes...long enough for me to cut up an onion and green peppers. i took some pics of her in it...she looks so little! of course, in normal fashion, they're still on the camera :)

tonight i've got to make some scrap pages to go into an album for my bff lindsay. her batchlorette party is tomorrow and i can't wait! of course, it's an overnight, so i'm sad i won't see lex, but i'm excited to be seeing lindsay. and, our other college roommate, jen, whom i haven't seen since my wedding three years ago! (i can't believe next week will be 3 years!) we're staying at a bed and breakfast and going to a couple wineries. i expect nothing less from her since she's my wine-o buddy :)

have a great weekend!!!!


We are the Ferrari's said...

Hope you have fun tonight! I love your new layout! :)

erinann said...

that sounds wonderful! i hope you have a great time!

WorkMama said...

I hope you had a great time! And congrats on fitting into your Lucky's!!!