Wednesday, September 3, 2008

four months!

Yeah, this post is a little late since Alexia turned 4 months on Friday...but I wanted to wait until I had her stats, which we went to Dr Dunlea today.

So, our little munchkin is now 14lbs 3oz and is in the 52nd percentile for weight. She's a whopping 25.75in and is still up there in the percentile...90%. Her big noggin is 16.5in.

Dr Dunlea was happy with her progress. She is allowed to start rice cereal in 3 weeks, but we have to wait for any other solids until 6 months. Fine by me...I'm not ready for my little girl to grow up!! As for the actual visit?? Lexi started crying when the dr came in. Like BAILING crying. :( I fed her a bit, but it didn't help much :( Then she got 4 shots...1 oral and three needle. She was worse than her 2 month shots and screamed bloody murder. My poor baby girl. you can see, this month was a good one. Lex found her feet and her mouth found them, too! She celebrated her very first Buckeye win. She's full out belly laughing at daddy (and has him bowing down before her!). She's sleeping wonderfully (knock on wood!!) and we haven't really had any middle of the night wake-ups. She's rolling both ways and won't sleep on her back anymore. Many times, I'll find her completely off her playmat. We take bets on which position she'll be in when we wake her up in the morning to leave. She loves her fingers and sucks her pointer and middle finger on her left hand. I'm anxious to see what happens in the next month!!


We are the Ferrari's said...

I love the new pictures! :) She is growing so fast!

Andrea said...

Wow, look at her!! She is getting so big.

Emily said...

I love her 4 month pic!!! She's so cute!!!!!

Natalie said...

She is so cute!