Thursday, September 11, 2008

i you??

the one day that seemed to change the entire united states of america. on 9.11.01, we all seemed to be together as one. there wasn't any fighting, everyone was civil, no one cared about all the gossip, flags were flying outside of homes and on cars. i wish we could get back to that feeling of pride and be rallied around our country, though i don't want another attack for it to happen again.

it seems as if it's all gone away. i find it funny that mccain and obama are suspending their ads attacking each other today. what's the difference of taking it down for one day? why even take it down if you're going to put it back up tomorrow? just goes to show that our camaraderie has been lost again until 9.11.09. :(

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erinann said...

I so agree. There was such a sense of pride. Everyone was kind to one another. I too wish we could spend every day that way.