Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sorry :(

I apologize..I ran out of time and didn't get the 6 month photos posted last night. I didn't even get them off the camera! Oops. But, here's my Top 10 Martelle-isms today :)

1. I'm proud of myself. I did spinning on Tuesday, worked out with my trainer yesterday and tomorrow I'm doing a pump class. It's been a long time (ie before Lexi came about) since I've done that much in a week!

2. I cannot WAIT for Christmas! It's one of my top holidays...and I'm actually starting to like it more than 4th of July (which has always been my top). However, I haven't really started shopping (I do have a few lists made) and I haven't started my projects yet.

3. B said that Lexi was on her knees again last night. I suppose I should be going out and getting some gates here soon, huh?? :) I don't think I'm ready for this crawling thing yet!!

4. All the boxes from B's dad's house have been gone through. I washed the china we brought home last night and it's in the china cabinet. We're trying to find it online to see if it's worth anything. We have another set we're going to sell. We now have 1 set of every day dishes, 1 set of Christmas dishes, and 3 sets of china. I think we need to have a party!! :)

5. One more month until we get to see Sarah, Jose, and Alexander. I cannot wait!! I miss them and we haven't seen each other in person since Christmas last year. WAY too long :( Alexander is getting SO big! He definately is not a baby anymore, that's for sure.

6. I get to work from home tomorrow!! I love working from home and wish I could do it more :) The best part is, I can go to the pump class (at 6am) and I can stop working at 3:30 :)

7. Next Thursday, Miss Lex is getting her 6 month photos done :) Our wedding photographer and friend, Dawn, is doing them. I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

8. Tomorrow night, our ladybug will be hitting the streets. We're heading to Gram and Pap's for a quick visit and then heading to Grandpa Hines'. I'm sure they can't wait to see her all decked out for Halloween. My dad tried to get me to come over by saying there were Jello shots going to be served. As if he needs to tempt me with those things!! LOL :)

9. I really really really do not want to work today. I have too much to do at home!

10. Ever hear of the Spotted Box?? It's a box that has a bunch of homemade goods (a lot of baby things) that you can buy on the 15th of the month. My friend, Trisha, grabbed me one for October and I just got it yesterday. There's some CUTE items in there...a ponytail holder, pumpkin barrettes (think the hair Lexi has will fit??), soaps, diaper pail stuff (which Trisha will be getting as a gift since we don't do cloth...Merry Christmas! lol), and a bunch of coupon codes. Fun stuff!! Thanks again Trisha for getting it! (and thanks to Emily for not forgetting her clothes yesterday so she could deliver it to me at Nancy's!!)


SaraBelle said...

Mmmmmm, Jellow shots!!! Maybe B & K need to come trick-or-treating there, too! :-)

And good for you to work out 3x this week (and double yay for working from home tomorrow -- you get to miss out on all the traffic crap!).

Emily said...

Glad I could be of service ;) Sorry it was a week late!

Danica Lynn said...

YAY to you for being so good to your body!!! And YAY to Lexi for being so cute!

Happy Halloween!

buckeyebabe99 said...

Yeah for the Spotted Box!!! How funny that I just asked you about this a few seconds ago - LOL.

OMG - Lexie is going to go straight to walking!

Julie said...

Just wait, she'll be walking and you'll be nonstop chasing her before you know it!!!!