Wednesday, November 19, 2008

6 month update...finally!

Finally got in for Lexi's 6 month appointment (you know, 10 days shy of her 7 month birthday) today. She didn't do too badly. At least not the blood curdling screams she did at her 4 month appointment! I did find that it's apparent we need to give the girl a mirror when we change her. Just like her Aunt Sarah, she loves to watch herself in the mirror! Girl didn't move once while she laid there as I changed her.

Stats first.
Weight: 16 lbs 11.5 oz (50th percentile)
Height: 27.5 in (80th percentile)
Head: 17.25 in

We had 1 liquid shot which she started crying while taking. Then, two shots in each leg. And she cried even more. :( But momma picked her up right when it was done and all was ok in Lexi's world. (say it together..."awwwwwwww") We have to go back in a month to get a booster of the flu shot she got today. I hate when she has to get them. At least I don't cry along with her!

So, everything is going well with Lexi. She is allowed to start orange veggies, so she'll get some butternut squash that's been sitting in the freezer just waiting for her! We also get to start her on a sippy cup and put a little water in it so she can practice. Yay!! My little girl is growing up!!

No new teeth yet, but I did get to see her first one today as she was crying :) Oh..and while waiting for the nurse to come back for the shots, she went from laying on her belly to sitting up without me helping!!!!!!!!!! YAY!

Next appointment is in February for her 9 month!


Trisha.R.Jackson said...

WOW! She's had a lot of big accomplishments as of late, Liz! What a grown up little girl :). It's amazing how fast they change. Can't wait to see her next week.

Julie said...

Awwww! Gosh, I remember those days, and those darn kids just grow so fast!!!!

We are the Ferrari's said...

No....she has to stop growing up so fast! Tell Lexi, her Aunt Rhiannon said, she has to stay a baby forever! :)

Danica Lynn said...

I'm with Rhiannon. She needs to stay a baby forever!

Jody said...

Awe, she is getting so big and growing so fast!