Wednesday, November 26, 2008

And it starts now

Today starts the first day of insanity for me. We're both leaving work at 2pm today and heading to Toronto. Coming home Friday and doing Turkey day with mom. Saturday is preparing for a baby shower for Baby J and then Sunday is throwing the actual shower. We've got some good stuff in the works and it's killing Momma Trisha :)

We've been told that December and January will be hell here at work. I'm not looking forward to it. Add in the fact that I have something every single weekend on both Friday and Saturday and have some stuff during the week, and I don't know when I'll have time to pee, let alone see my husband and daughter! We're leaving December 19th for Orlando for our now annual Christmas trip down there. We'll be back on the 24th. I can't wait to go :)

Due to all my commitments, I've been busy putting up Christmas decorations, making gifts, and trying my hand at some craftiness. I took pictures of a few things, I'll have to make sure they make it on the blog. (I've been having issues getting stuff the size it needs to be to post on the blog) Then throw in the random Ohio weather and I keep winding up with migraines which knocks me out of the living world for awhile.

So, we'll see...I kinda can't wait for March to get here.....

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Trisha.R.Jackson said...

Yes, "Killing me Softly" :).

I can't wait though!!