Monday, December 29, 2008

Don't blink!

Bet you didn't realize that it's already time for another month birthday, did you?? I don't know WHERE time has gone! Little Miss Lexi is 8 months old today!

She is growing up so fast. We were so blessed to spend the past 10 days together as a family. I wish I could take more time like that with her.

Lexi is now proficient at going from laying to sitting. In fact, Daddy had to move her crib down yesterday because she was sitting up and starting to pull on the side of the crib!!

She has actually done some crawling, but it's been few and far between. That's alright by me!! She gets around fairly well with army crawling. I keep telling everyone if they want their floors cleaned to let Lexi come over and she'll do it! LOL

Over Christmas, we got our first waves from her. So sweet. It is amazing to watch all the new things she does! We're in the midst of her top teeth coming in, so it hasn't been the best in our household (throwing in all the travel doesn't help, either!). We're anxiously awaiting them!!!

Let's see...anything else?? Oh! We're now taking baths in the big girl tub! She loves it. Last night, she kept smacking the water as it went down the drain. Here's to another month!!

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Julie said...

Seriously, can she be any cuter? The picture of her in the other post on her dog just cracked me up. I wanna squeeze her.