Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quiet Weekend

B and Lexi went off to Toronto after work yesterday, so it's been quiet for me. I met some friends for dinner after work last night. Spaghetti Warehouse. YUM! :) I've been doing laundry and making more food for Lexi. Tonight is card club.

I'm hoping to make a trip over to Riverside tomorrow morning as the newest Buckeye Fan, Miss Delaney Marie was born yesterday morning!!! Many congrats to Trisha and Craig :) I cannot wait to meet her. According to Trisha, she was quite large....only 1 oz smaller than Lex and 1 in smaller. But, they have the same head size! She's got quite the head of hair. I'm so excited for Trisha!

I've been swamped at work. Most nights, I'm there until 7 and I've been working every weekend. BLAH. I'm supposed to do some work this weekend, too, but thankfully I don't have to go in. I'm ready for year end to be over with. Of course, Monday starts month end, so we get to mix the two together. Lovely.

I hope that you all have a great weekend. Thankfully the sun is out...I'm hoping it melts the ice still left on the streets. Rumor has it we're supposed to get a huge storm come Monday/Tuesday :( SUCKY.

And if I haven't said it before........GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Danica Lynn said...

Enjoy your weekend alone.

BOO to work. I'm boycotting it today but will be logged in most of the day tomorrow.

Have a nice evening!!

Give Trisha a big high five and hug for me!! YAY!

Julie said...

You and I must do the same job. My January's always suck, closing out the prior year, getting everything ready for the CPA's for taxes, etc. NOT my favorite time of the year.

Wow, are you enjoying the peace and quiet or missing your girl (and hubby) a lot?

Squeeze little Delaney for me and give Trisha a hug.