Friday, January 9, 2009

Sucky blogger

Sorry for the lack of communication...I just haven't felt like I had much to say! (and I know it'll wind up that I actually do, always happens!) My motivation has gone down the tubes. I don't know if it's the weather, the fact that holidays are over, we're in the midst of year end at work (and have done jack shit because we haven't even closed yet...grrr...don't get me started), or that I just want to be home with my baby.

I can't believe it's already January 9th today. I have no clue where this month is going and I know the rest will fly by (especially next week when I KNOW I'll be sleeping at work...).

I'm really looking forward to this weekend. Tonight, I'm getting together with a group of girlfriends for a Christmas exchange in January. I did some crafting for my gifts and I'm super excited for how they turned out. I even papercrafted/modified a gift box that I think turned out pretty cool. Took a lot longer than just wrapping, but I think it means more and it's something she can use to give a gift in next year! I hope she enjoys everything I got :)

Saturday and Sunday I have absolutely NO plans! B has to study for his Series 6, so Lexi and I get to play all day. I do need to get some housework done and make more food to throw in the freezer for Lex...she's about out! And while she's napping, I'm hoping to get some cards made for all the January and February birthdays while I have some time. Let's just hope that my creative streak hits while I'm down in the basement working!

Lexi officially has 5 teeth now and the 6th one is almost there. Still two on the bottom and the rest are right in the middle on top. You can tell she's getting used to them as she keeps trying to chomp down and likes to clench her teeth and blow air through them. She's giving rasberries like a big girl..sticking her tounge out and blowing. It's the funniest thing! I think Aunt E has been practicing with her :)

She's now decided that she likes bananas. So, she gets them in her oatmeal every morning. And sometimes gets them for a snack. She hasn't quite gotten the hang of picking them up off her tray, so for the most part, we still have to feed them to her. Last night she tried some avacado and loved it! And much like Momma and Daddy, she's been loving applesauce!

We're starting to have to watch Cinder kitty around her. He's great with her and patient, however, last night he did hiss when she pulled his tail too much and wouldn't let go. Ty still stays just far enough away from her. But, Cinder is what Lexi will crawl for. Granted, she doesn't really crawl on hands and knees, it's army crawling, but still. I dont' think she likes being up on her hands and knees. She'll go for a couple steps and then go back down on her belly.

I think that's about it from our neck of the woods. Maybe I'll try and get some pictures taken and uploaded this weekend. Have a great weekend!!!


Simi said...

aww, it seems like everyone is a lil lazy about blogging of late, at least the people i'm used to reading from! I wouldn't worry about it, the amount you've been working lately your allowed to be lazy! Hope you and Lexi have a great day together tomorrow!

Danica Lynn said...

Now that was a great update!!!

Have fun tonight and enjoy your weekend with Lexi.

I wish I was motivated like you to make cards. I love your creativity!

Happy Weekend Liz!

Colleen said...

I totally feel with you with the blog updates... must be the time of year! It was so good seeing you last night and indeed, your crafts were a hit!

I can't believe how grown up Lexi is getting! :) Looking forward to seeing her next weekend, although I'm sure she'll be asleep before the girls overtake your house! :(