Thursday, February 26, 2009


It was so incredibly nice yesterday that we packed up and headed to the park for a stroll. It felt so good to get outside and walk! We're hoping to do the same tonight as long as it isn't raining!


Simi said...

I LOVE it also!!! I'm so ready for spring.. and... dare i say it: bootcamp!

Julie said...

Those pictures in the other posts are hilarious! I remember those days of making funny faces when eating new foods quite well. My son was the king of the "OMG That's Disgusting!" face!

Can't wait to see Lexi at bunco....she'll be there right?

hopeful #1 said...

Oh how I LOVE this warm weather! Seriously, I even walked the office trash out to the dumpster to get out in it this morning! SO nice! I can't wait to get off tonight and take Toby for a walk!

I bet your baby girl loved it too! She's probably happy to be out!

Danica Lynn said...

YAY! Last night LW and I walked over to the Frog that's as close to being outside as I got, but it was so nice!!!!

I hope you can make it out today although it looks a little rainy!

Colleen said...

Don't you love warm February days! Too bad it's raining right now so I'm assuming you didn't get out tonight! :(