Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A letter to my daughter

To My Daughter On Her First Birthday:

I cannot believe how fast this past year has gone. It has been so amazing to watch you grow from day one to day 365. You’ve come a long way in that time. In my belly, you showed me how laid back you were. You didn’t move around much and didn’t cause me much grief at all. You showed how stubborn you are when you didn’t want to come out and made me push for three hours.

Once you were born, you stole my heart. I never imagined loving someone so much. I can just sit and watch you sleep and it makes my heart beam with pride. You started out so small (well, if you consider 8 lbs 5 oz small…) and you’ve grown so big. You no longer fit into any of your 6-9 month clothes. You outgrew your infant carrier and your bouncy and your bumbo. I get so sad putting all the items you outgrow away, but it means I get to pull out new stuff for you and we’re experiencing new things.

Every day brings new things with you. You love your kitty Cinder. You chase him around and try to body slam him all the time and just giggle. Your fingers are a constant companion and if you have your bear, too, you’re happy. You get the biggest smiles when someone you know walks in the room. You get excited to knock on Aunt Elaine’s door in the morning.

As you were in my belly, you’re still laid back and stubborn. You don’t mind going new places and meeting new people. But if someone doesn’t pay attention to you, you let them know it! You’re becoming so independent and wanting to start doing things all on your own. Daddy and I can hardly eat because you always think you need what’s going in our mouths. And you don’t like your baby spoons; you have to have your food on our silverware.

I love spending my time with you. I get so sad when I don’t get to put you to bed and read you a story. Right now you love touch and feel books the best. Especially the kitty ones. I wish I had more time that I could spend with you during the week. It makes me sad that this time has gone so quickly.

My little baby is starting to grow into a beautiful toddler. I’m anxious to see what the next year will bring and how you will grow. Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter! Happy First Birthday my Lexi – Bug!!



SaraBelle said...

What a beautiful note. Happy Birthday, Lexi!!! :)

Andrea said...

What a beautiful letter. Happy Birthday Lexi!

Julie said...

Awww, that made me teary. Good teary though! They just grow so fast. Cherish these moments, Liz. They are some of the most precious you will ever have.

Happy birthday, Miss Lexi!!!!

Danica said...

You should have told me to get the tissues out!

So beautiful Liz.

Happy One Year Miss Lexi!!!

We are the Ferrari's said...

Liz, that is priceless! :)

Crystal said...

Happy birthday, Lexi!

Colleen said...

That's awesome... I hope you keep this for her to read some day!

Pam said...

Ok now I'm gonna cry that is beautiful for you to share that with your beautiful daughter.