Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pool time!

It's finally warm here in Ohio....warm enough for Miss Lex to try out her new pool and suit! There weren't any boys around so she could show off her bikini, so we kept her covered :)

I think this is the smallest pool I've ever seen....but it does what it needs to do!

She was a little timid but finally we got some splashes at the end :) I think the water was a wee bit chilly!


We are the Ferrari's said...

I LOVE it! She looks she precious! She is going to be dating before we know it!

Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

Alright Liz, game on. I'm gonna fight you for that coco-mango scrub! For both of our sakes let's hope you win so we won't have to punch it out, haha.

Darling pics of your cutie too!

Danica said...

OMG she's so freaking adorable! Looks like she was having fun!

Colleen said...

Too cute... I knew it was a small pool but I figured she just needed Lexi pool... no need to share yet! :) I love the bathing suit!