Friday, July 24, 2009


Ahhh...TGIF indeed!!! It's been a busy week at work trying to get everything done and making all of our deadlines (it's been a few quarters since that happened!). We're ahead of the game, so that means we can take advantage of our summer hours today!! Yay!!!

Big plans for the weekend?? I do! As B says, I'm "kicking him out of the house". Not really...he's taking Lex to his grandmother's for the weekend. There are a few items he wants to get out of his dad's house and I'm hoping he can find his mom's sewing machine. I'm REALLY wanting to use one on some of my cards and I would LOVE to have a free one!! So cross your fingers for me :)

So, while those two are spending quality time together, I'll be cleaning the house upside down and inside out! I've got my list going. Dusting, mopping, scouring, washing sheets, towels, rugs, you name it, I'm doing it! And I'm hoping to do some touch up paint to a few of our walls. We had our 1 year where they came and fixed stuff (ahem...3 months ago) and I have spackle on my walls that needs painted over.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday and a very happy weekend!!! Here's a few pictures from last weekend.....she's totally a product of B and I...going after the beer instead of the water!

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Danica said...

Good girl Lexi! Go for the beer!

Have a great time cleaning. I did all of that last weekend while Kass and LW were away. Such a great feeling!