Monday, July 27, 2009


One of my worst fears has come daughter laughs at me when I try and tell her no. Yesterday she was continually hitting the side of the tv. I told her to stop. She laughed. I moved her away and started playing with her. She got up and went back and started hitting it again and laughed once again when I said no. I finally swatted her hand and she laughed even harder. UGH!!! So unbelievably frustrating.

She's still not walking. She's apparently content with crawling and holding on to something and moving along. Some days, B and I will sit in the family room and have her go in between us....she's made 3 steps that way and that's it. It's been like that for about a month now. Everyone keeps saying that she's right there....she'll be walking soon. Um, they've been saying that for 3 months now! To me, that doesn't constitute "soon".

We've got a few more teeth come through. These ones were hell. Thankfully, my daughter has come back (minus the laughter when I discipline her). Her hair is getting longer by the day and even more curly in back. I love it.

Lexi and her daddy had a good time this weekend going back to see Great Grandma. And I know she loved having them! They got to see Grammy Pammy, too. I got a lot of cleaning done while they were gone. Lexi's outgrown clothes are all boxed up and marked and I even went through to make sure all the 18 month clothes are out. She's still in mainly 12 months, but can wear some 18 month. She's got her 15 month appt next week, so I'm anxious to see how she falls with weight and height!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!


SaraBelle said...

I think Lexi and Kendyll are really "twins". K was "almost" walking for 5 months (sorry to not give you hope!). Super fast crawler, would stand for hours without holding on yet only take 2 - 3 steps. About 2 weeks ago something FINALLY clicked and she is now taking off. It will happen for Miss L, too!

Oh and B&K's favorite word is "no". Huge belly laughs with that one. I have no advice . . . just sympathy!

Tammy said...

As soon as you figure out how to discipline her w/o the laughter, please let me know. Hopefully the button on the cable box will hold up until then.

Something will click with Lexie soon with the walking. I was a late walker (16 months?). I like to think I'm pretty good at it now. :)

jannypie said...

Did Brandon find the sewing machine?

If not, you are welcome to my Mighty Mender. It is old but it could handle sewing on cardstock pretty well I think.

Let me know!

Danica said...

I have no kiddo advice, but just wanted to say she's a cute stinker. :-)