Friday, July 10, 2009


I've been pretty quiet lately. Things have been hectic at home and at work. I got a surprise from my SIL just before my birthday....her and my nephew showed up at my house...from Florida! :) She's been down in the dumps, for which I don't blame her. She hasn't seen her husband since Memorial Day. And a week ago, he finally left the states to go fight for our country over in Afghanistan.

We got a note yesterday morning that said he finally made it to the final destination. He's safe. Did you hear about the soldiers who died last week over there? Probably not. Most people were focused on the death of Michael Jackson. I completely understand that he's a pop icon, but when his death overshadows the death of many American soldiers, I tend to wonder where our priorities lie.

It makes me sad that one man gets so much publicity and our own soldiers, our American heroes, get nothing. Julie wrote a blog post today that has a letter one soldier wrote about MJ's death. Take time to read it. And think about what's really important to you. And while you're at it....say a little prayer for Jose and all the soldiers who are over there that they come home safely to their families. We miss them terribly.


Julie said...

Thanks for linking to me. I had you in mind when I decided to do that post. Visit AirmanMom's blog sometime (she's on my blog reading list), she's very inspiring in how she supports our military, of course her son is in it.

Danica said...

Hoping BIL stays safe as well as all of the other soliders doing good for our country.