Monday, August 3, 2009


Lexi and I met our friends, Trisha and Delaney for a play date yesterday. Miss Lex was trying to show off to DJ and pushed her stroller all around the park. At least this time she didn't smack her on the head!

The girls seemed to have a good time. Delaney is too sweet and her little smile kills me! I told Trisha that I'm realizing my daughter is no longer a baby but is turning into a little girl. :( Look how old she's looking! Delaney is just 9 months younger than Lexi, but I think once she gets on the move, she's going to be able to beat up Lex! Check out those cute chunky arms and legs!! Aww! :)


Danica said...

Such cutie pies! You're right...Miss Lexi is growing into a beautiful little girl. No more baby there!

Trisha Jackson said...

Aww! I didn't even realize you took their picture together. We had such a great time. Delaney LOVED Lexi. I can't wait until they are both running around together. I'll try not to have my daughter beat up yours :).