Friday, August 28, 2009

Preschool bag

Our neighbors daughter is getting ready to go to preschool for the first time. Over the summer, they were given plain little tote bags and told to decorate them however they want and to have their name on it. Shelby's Momma isn't very creative or crafty so she came knocking on my door. Here's what we came up with using fabric and my cricut.

Shelby picked out everything, we just helped her speed along the process some :) She's a total girly-girl, so she wanted pink and butterflies and flowers. The above picture is the front of the bag. I love how the flowers turned out. I wound up doing a 2in and a 2.25in and blacked it out and then cut out the centers so there's actually 3 layers there.

Here's the back of the bag. Originally, it was supposed to have the same thing front and back, but my blade was on its last leg and I said no :)

Flower closeup. The green has butterflies and the red/pink has triangles. I had her buy the small squares of fabric that JoAnns has.

The butterfly has little spirals. I think he's cute :)


Julie said...

How cute! You are becoming quite the little crafter, aren't you?!?!?

Danica said...

So cute!

Colleen said...

Adorable!!! :)