Thursday, November 19, 2009

Going Green

One of the things I completed recently was for a gift exchange I'll be doing in December. I needed something about $15, so I figured I'd make it.

I started out with a set of cards. I didn't do pics of the whole set (I should've, but I was lazy!), just took a pic of the first one in the packaging. All of them have this same layout, just with different colors. They all use a plain Basic Grey paper where I stamped Vintage Labels and then cut out and then a patterned paper from Basic Grey. Completed with a coordinating ribbon.

Of course, I didn't think that was enough, so I made a notepad to go along with it. This uses all the same supplies as the cards, but I added a Ripe Avocado button and some Rustic Jute twine to keep it closed. I also added a pocket on the inside to keep lists or receipts together and added some patterned paper to it to tie the inside with the outside.

I think it turned out cute. Now to see if the girls like it or not...We do a "chinese" exchange where you draw numbers and pick out of a pile which gift you want. Then the next person can steal or open a new gift. I'll know if it's a hit if my gift gets stolen! :) (and those of you who read my blog and will be at the party on the 11th, this is not for that exchange!)


Trisha R Jackson said...

No need to give it away in the exchange, you can just hand it over and we'll call it even :).

DAMN YOU! Now everyone will know what to steal.

Alicia said...

geez, this makes my gift look like crap.

Danica said...

Ah poop! I thought it was for the Nestie one. :-( I want it!

I too am making mine for the 11t, but it's jewlery. Stay tuned!

Colleen said...

Turned out great Liz! I really like the green!