Monday, December 21, 2009

Advent Socks

Right around Thanksgiving, I started seeing a lot of blog posts about different Advent Calendars. I always had one growing up. It was one my Grandma made and was a plain colored felt tree and each day you put a different ornament on it. I've wanted to have one for Lexi, but I don't have time to make it and I'm not willing to shell out the $$ that I've seen for ones I like.

So, enter the blog posts. I saw an ingenious way to have a quick and easy advent calendar that was still cute so I took the idea and ran with it!

I used a bunch of Lexi's old socks and clothes pinned them on a piece of twine. I cut out 1" circles and stamped them with numbers 1-24 and safety pinned them onto the sock. The idea is to put a trinket or a piece of candy or something in each sock and every day, the child can countdown to Christmas.

Right now, Lexi is a little bit too young to understand, but since we had our nephew with us this past week, I thought it would be perfect for him! He absolutely LOVED it. Every morning he'd wait for Aunt Liz to come downstairs and figure out which day it was (Uncle B wasn't allowed to help!). He worked on his counting and numbers and colors every day while gaining a prize at the end. He's a Cars fanatic, so he got Cars socks, a notepad, a wallet and then the other days were pieces of candy. I just picked everything up in the Target Dollar Spot.

Every day he kept telling me it was the 19th because he saw how fat that pink sock was! It wound up being his Cars socks :) Now I can't wait until next year to start doing this with Lexi. It'll be fun to do all month long and not just for a week!

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Danica said...

Oh Liz that's a fantastic, fun idea!!!!! I too was looking for something for Kassidy, but ended up not doing anything since she's not with us that much. :-(