Friday, December 4, 2009

Deck the halls

I love Christmas time! I love pulling out my holiday decor and remembering fondly all the memories associated with it. I took pics of two new decorations this year because I love them. The first is a door. Not just any old door, however. We've been working (yeah, I know it's been two years...) on cleaning out my FIL's house. One of the items I've been wanting for a long time has been the old door up in the rafters in the garage. I finally got it :)
This door is (I'm assuming) from the house. We're not exactly sure how old the house is, but there's a picture at the funeral home from the 1880's and the house was in it. Pretty cool :) I wanted to leave the chipping pain and scuff marks, so I lightly powerwashed it to get the dirt off and just hung a festive wreath on it. I think I'm going to keep one on it year pretty!
And yes, that's my insanely LARGE Nutcracker :) My mom has been getting me one each Christmas since I was 8 or 9, I believe :) I also have a little itty bitty one who isn't even 2 inches high.
Ever since I can remember, we had a set of sleigh bells at home. You always knew which box held the bells because they'd start jingling the moment you moved it. We always put them on the back door so you'd hear them the second you came inside.

Since I have my own home now, I had to buy a set last year. Unfortunately, they don't fit on my back door, so I settled for our coat closet :) I wanted something else to go there and I had an extra candle ring...Voila! Instant decoration on the handle :)


Simi said...

i like! That's cute about the nutcracker :) Aaron's grandma is a HUGE fan of nutcrackers, so every year we try to find a creative one that isn't similar to one she already has.. this year we got her a skiing one :)

Julie said...

I love the decorations! That old door with the wreath is beautiful. I like the idea of keeping a season wreath there all year! There are so many cool ones you can do for the other times of the year. Happy Holidays!

Danica said...

I love the door! So cool!!!!! Great job on decorating.