Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Girl

Just a few pictures to get you over the hump :)

Squealing with delight :) One of the best (and sometimes worst!) things about having a girl :)

Contemplating life. Maybe starting a journal with that pen she's holding?

Texting her BFF, Delaney. I doubt it went through since there's no service on that phone. Oh well, we won't tell her that ;)


Danica said...

I love little girls and their giggles! YAY for team pink. She's adorable!

SaraBelle said...

Too cute! Kendyll has that same phone (but silver) with no service, too! Maybe Lexi was texting Kendy? :)

Trisha R Jackson said...

Crap! I totally forgot to tell you that Lexi DID call Delaney the other day! And Delaney picked up (on her, supposed non-working cell phone) and say "Hhhh," which translates into "hello" :).

Way too cute!