Sunday, October 10, 2010


I had a free few moments the other night and made Lexi a super cute pumpkin shirt. I saw something similar, but on a pillow and thought it would be cute for a shirt :)

The orange is fleece and the patterned is regular cotton fabric. I just stitched around each one and added a stem at the top.

She wasn't too thrilled at me taking pictures of her so early in the morning, though! :) Her fun hair corkers were made by my friend, Sarah, of polka dot kid shoppe.


Sue Ann said...

Good Lord that Lexi is ADORABLE!!! She is cute as a pumpkin in her new shirt ......... and the shirt ..... well totally cute but hard to look at it on such a cutie pie

Diane Jaquay said...

What a little DOLL!!! She reminds me of my Ali when she was little, she had curly blond hair that was just adorable :) Your pumpkin shirt is cute cute cute!!!

Emily said...

She looks so cute in her shirt! Good job, momma!! :)