Thursday, December 16, 2010

party with a purpose

One of my friends, her mom was recently diagnosed with lymphoma and has started undergoing chemo to get rid of it all. Some of her friends have decided to do a silent auction to raise money to help her in paying for all the treatments that are so costly. Unfortunately, I won't be able to be there, but I figured I could do the next best thing and donate something for the auction.

I made a set of 8 4x4 cards. They're fairly plain and simple, but since I was doing 8 of them, that's exactly what I wanted! :) The base is kraft with a layer of Turning A New Leaf on top. For once in my life, I thought outside the box with my stamps and stamped the leaf image from Beyond Basic Borders on FF #8 die and then stamped the frame over top of it in the darker of the tea dye duo. I stamped the thank you in scarlet jewel.

I figured that just making the cards wasn't enough. I had a nugget tin sitting around, so I looked to see what else I could do...

Magnets and clippies to match the cards! I normally put small magnets on the back of my clippies, but they don't fit in the tin if I do, so these are just plain clippies.

I hope whomever winds up with this set enjoys them and they spend a lot to help offset some of the chemo costs!!


Sue Ann said...

I love your thoughtfulness and I love what you are donating for this beautiful cause.

Diane Jaquay said...

The card is really pretty, very simple and elegant, and I love the magnets and clippies. It's very sweet of you to donate these Liz :)

Danica said...

Those are lovely Liz!

And so generous of you.

Monica K. said...

This is a pretty set and it is so nice that you are donating them for such a good cause!