Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ribbon wreath

Before the holidays, there were quite a few blog posts floating around about ribbon wreaths. I thought they were pretty darn cool and seemed simple enough. So, I decided to make four of them for my siblings for our homemade Christmas gifts.

The ribbons are all from JoAnn's. I got the Christmas ones they had. There were 5 of them in this width and were on sale for $1.00 each for 9ft. Each wreath took 5 spools basically. I started with a green wreath form I got from the Dollar Store and I picked up a box of straight pins (for a dollar...holla!) while I was there. So for about $6.25 and about an hour, I made a pretty fine wreath. The siblings seemed to enjoy them :)

And my niece enjoyed it, too, as evidenced below :)


Sue Ann said...

WOW Liz that is BEAUTIFUL!!!

erinann said...

They turned out beautifully!!

Monica K. said...

Your wreath turned out so beautiful!! I love the gingham ribbons!