Thursday, January 12, 2012

rags to riches

Have you ever started a project and thought, "why in the HELL am I doing this??!?!" Yeah...that was me. I had this hairbrained idea that I could make a rag quilt. I saw a pin on pinterest for a baby rag quilt. This one was different. It had long strips instead of those itty bitty squares. The directions were step-by-step. Easy-peasy, right?

Let's just say that I started this in, oh...October. It was going to be a gift for my niece who was to be born in December. Thought I'd have PLENTY of time. Good thing, since I didn't finish it until about 2 weeks ago!!

I learned a lot making this. One of those things was that I'm not a fan of quilting! I give MAJOR props to all the quilters out there! I do absolutely LOVE how it turned out.

I spent 5 hours just doing the binding. Whew. The one side was cake. The other, not so much. I'm not a fan of hand sewing! That bee fabric is my favorite :)

And, if you're still reading...I'll tell you what I did. This quilt went to my niece as I already said. Her mom is B's sister and they live in Florida, so I had to ship it down to them. I decided that it needed a note to go along with it and this is what I wrote:

Dearest Olivia:
This is a very special quilt for a very special girl. You see, when your grandma passed away, I was lucky enough to receive her sewing machine. With that sewing machine, she made quite a bit of things, including very special blankets and quilts for your mommy and Uncle B. I know if she were still here, she would've made you a special quilt with that very machine and so, I did it for her. She would've been so excited for you to be here! Lots of love

Aunt Liz


Allison said...

The quilt and the note are both beautiful! I'm really impressed--I'd love to learn to quilt someday!

Emily said...

I LOVE how it turned out, Liz!!!

I have a ton of quilts pinned, too, and I'm wondering if I even want to attempt one! LOL!