Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday already?

This weekend went WAY too quickly!! I hate that. When I was on maternity leave, they seemed to go forever. Not that I minded at all.

Friday night, we got a late notice invite to the neighbors for dinner, so we headed over and had a great time. I love having fun neighbors!! The nice thing was we were able to put Lexi upstairs and she slept so we didn't have to worry about her fussing and having to go home.

Lexi spent Saturday night with Gram and Pap so Mommy and Daddy could go to a party and stay out past their bedtimes :) It was so nice to not have to worry about her! Funny thing was that B didn't even drink once we got there. Apparently, he had too many on the golf course :) At least he wasn't one of the drunk-ass husbands who were off their rockers!! LOL :) (And apparently, I like smilies...I've used 3 in 4 sentences....)

Yesterday, B and I drove up to Johnstown and bought a new to us lawn tractor that he found on craigslist. No more borrowing the zero turn from the neighbor (though, I think B's a little sad about that!!). 10:30pm and bedtime creeped up way too quickly....

I need a vacation. My maternity leave did not count as one! I have to go someplace, preferrably out of state!

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