Monday, August 11, 2008


Busy weekend. Went and picked up some new to me furniture from my friend Erin on Saturday. We didn't put it in until yesterday. I think Brandon was ready to hurt me when we were re-arranging! But, it's finally in its spot and I'm loving it.

I was so proud of myself, I put Lex's high chair together all by between her fussiness. Ugh. Don't know what was wrong with her yesterday. My normally happy-all-the-time baby was not a happy camper yesterday :( My mom seems to think she's teething, but there's no white spots on her gums, I can't feel anything, and her gums aren't swollen. So, who knows. Of course, it was incredibly hard to get her mouth open when I wanted her to!

I'm ready for our short week this week. We're taking off Thursday night for Toronto. We're planning on bringing back all the rest of the stuff from B's dad's house finally. And of course, I'm making an IKEA trip. :) What are the chances that Great Grandma will take care of Miss Lex in the mornings so B and I can sleep in???? Hmmm..... :)

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erinann said...

i am so glad you are loving those comfy couches!!

those babies can teeth months and months before you see a tooth peek through she probably is feeling it!

have a wonderful time in cincinnati!