Tuesday, August 19, 2008

what a mess

i live in a pig sty. at least i feel like it is right now. we took a long weekend and headed to toronto (ohio, that is), to bring stuff back from my father in law's. let me tell you how much fun that wasn't. our garage is now packed full and my house is in disarray. i can't take it!

of course, we didn't get home until 8pm on sunday and had to unload the truck, so nothing really got put away. i was having anxiety attacks with how messy the house was! then i got a migraine yesterday at work, so it was all i could do to take care of alexia while b mowed. so, nothing got done. :(

ikea was successful...but it was just that much more that we had to bring in and mess up the house with!! oh well...i'm hoping to be able to bust my butt tonight and get stuff cleaned up.

sorry for the lowercase...i'm not feeling up to hitting that darn shift key...lol!

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buckeyebabe99 said...

PHEW! Just got caught up on your entire life in the past 15 minutes :).

I hear ya about the messy house anxiety. I hate that.