Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Every couple of weeks I pull down my boxes of pre-pregnancy pants to see if by any chance any fit me. I know I posted two weeks ago that I found a pair of capris (my favorite ones, btw) that fit. I'm proud to say I found another pair of pants that fit me now!! They didn't fit 2 weeks ago! WHOO HOO!!! And these just so happen to be my favorite work pants. :) SCORE!

Now, here's the real question...does the white after Labor Day rule still apply? Cause these are white. If it does, my co-workers are gonna get hella tired of me wearing these puppies! Shit, I haven't worn them since the beginning of last summer because I lost weight and they were too big! Good thing is that I have these same exact pants but in creme/tan/khaki/whatever the hell color it is, so those should fit, too!

Life would be good if I could stop getting these damn migraines, too. Seriously. I had zip, zero, zilch during pregnancy. I've had one the past two days. UGH. I had to miss spinning yesterday due to it. How much does THAT suck?! Cross your fingers we don't make it three days in a row....


erinann said...

SO excited about your pants! I can totally relate!

I love being pregnant in that I don't have migraines. Now that I am semi back to normal (as normal as I'm gonna be) I am suffering too!

We are the Ferrari's said...

Way to go Liz! You are doing great with your weight loss! I am so happy for you! :)