Friday, September 26, 2008


Not a whole lot to new's my Top 10 for this week :)

1. We've started the walkway! (and by we, I mean Brandon!)

2. Brandon got a new baby. Yes, I broke down and let him get a zero turn mower. The boy is in heaven now. Helps that we got it for $1,099 less than it retailed for! (those things are NOT cheap...)

3. I'm looking forward to this evening. Wine and Cheese Bunco at my house!! (Trisha, you're going DOWN!!! LOL)

4. It's hard to get ready for a party with a wee one around. She doesn't let me clean or cook, so I have to wait until she goes to bed.

5. Speaking of the wee one...I heard her say Da last night :) She was talking up a storm when I picked her up last night!

6. My friend, Debbie, has to put down one of her cats who's been sick. I'm so sad for her. Stubby's 17 or 18. :(

7. I'm slowly losing weight. Still about 15 lbs off (and then another 15 after that). But, I now have 12's being worn throughout the week :) Now, if I could just cut the fat off my arms and boobs and trunk area, I could wear some of my shirts, too.

8. I could lose the weight more easily if I didn't have Chipotle today or the Graeter's we're being served after our all associates meeting this afternoon....

9. I'm absolutely LOVING scrapping lately. Though, I don't feel as if I'm very good at it. I'm only doing cards because they're so much easier. But, it probably doesn't help that I'm reading about 15-20 different blogs from "professional" card scrappers. Makes me feel inferior.

10. I'm going to an Uppercase Living Party on Sunday where they sell vinyl letters/words for your wall and such. I already have my first old window..sitting in my dining room waiting for a letter M and some pictures :) Yay!


We are the Ferrari's said...

1. You look great, you just had a baby!
2. You are a Fab scrapbooker and cardmaker! :)
3. So excited for B and his new toy! :)
4. I can't believe she is saying Da....she is growing up way TOO fast!
5. I am excited for tonight too! Saving my calories for yummy snacks and wine.
6. I need you to tecah me how to do a google reader, so I can see new posts!

Julie said...

I think I should bring my own wine so that I don't suck down all of yours!

Can't wait til tonight!!!

Simi said...

I had such a great time at your place! Your an AMAZING Hostess! So much yumminess!

Thank you so much Liz!
I got to check out Brandon's new toy, it looks MEAN! :)

Hope Lexi had a great night, and we weren't too loud!

buckeyebabe99 said...

Oh shoot, was I supposed to lose? :) Thanks for hosting - I had a great time! C-ya in a few hours.