Wednesday, October 1, 2008

7 random facts

I've been tagged by my friend, Simi, over at Welcome To Insanity. She apparently wants to know 7 random facts about me. Little does she know that I have nothing random about me...ok, so maybe I do. :)

1. The morning I was born, my mom was running around the yard with a hoe in her hands trying to kill a mole. Could be why there is something wrong with me?

2. I was a month late coming into this world. I like to be tardy. Ok, actually I don't. This changed after I graduated college. In high school, I had so many tardys that I had to serve Saturday school (19 freshman year...). Now I absolutely HATE to be late. I start getting anxious and break out in sweats if I'm even 5 minutes late.

3. I hate having a dirty house. If I go for too long and stuff doesn't get picked up/put away and if B doesn't help without me asking, I have anxiety attacks. The whole "leave it for the weekend, pay attention to your kids growing up and not the state of your house" thing doesn't work for me. I wish it did. B does, too. Cause I wind up getting up out of bed at night to clean.

4. I'm told that I'm creative and that I am crafty. I actually think I am horrible at it. But yet, I still do it. Nothing ever turns out like I think it should in my mind.

5. I have a thing for "fun" office supplies. I recently had our admin order me purple steno pads. I can't stand the yellow and green ones because they are blah. She brought me a purple highlighter today and it was literally the best part of my day!

6. I hate Halloween. I hate the pressure of having to dress up. I'd much rather go to a Fall party than a Halloween party. I do, however, like Halloween decorations (the cute stuff, not the vampires, blood, and guts stuff). My dear friend, R, has some awesome decorations :) I'm jealous of her.

7. My daughter was named after a soap opera character. Alexandra on Guiding Light. She's a strong woman and knows what she wants. And, yes, dd's name is Alexia. However, SIL decided to name our nephew Alexander and I thought Alexander and Alexandra were way too closely related. I wanted to call her Lexi anyway :)

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SaraBelle said...

Oooh, fun!! I've never been tagged before - thanks! :-) Although it is going to look funny when I have some similar "random" facts (like I don't like halloween, too! And I'm a total sucker for office supplies . . . I MUST have cool, colored pens). Fun!

Julie said...

Random facts about me, eh? Alrighty....coming right up!

Danica Lynn said...

Dude I just totally found out you had a blog! I'm so stoked about it. HA!!!! I'm the same way you are about a clean house. ARRGGHHH

Jody said...

I love that your mom was trying to kill a mole, LOL! And the day she went into labor no less, that's so funny. :)