Thursday, November 13, 2008

I apologize

I've been yelled at for not giving any Lexi updates. Sorry...send me to my room! LOL

Not a whole lot new. This past weekend was horrible. She didn't sleep for more than 30 minutes for naps and she'd be happy one second and crying the next second. We got her some teething tablets and those have seemed to help. Thankfully, she's still my champion night sleeper!

Sunday morning B woke up to see a dog in our yard. He got out the monocular and realized it wasn't a was a coyote. So he walked his happy ass upstairs, got out his 22 and aimed for the ground next to it. Thankfully, it scared it enough and it ran away!

We should've had some 6 month (and family) pictures done, however work was crazy and so we had to reschedule. So, that's up for Thanksgiving week. Next week she'll finally go in for her 6 month checkup (and shots..poor girl). You know, only 10 days shy of her 7 month birthday. And, no, I'm not a slacker...I made the appointment the day of her 4 month and that was the earliest they could get me in. RIDICULOUS.

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is almost upon us! Two more weeks and all the Martelle's will be together! YAY! I've got a fairly busy schedule from now until Christmas. I just hope I can get everything done that I want to get done. Sunday is shopping with Mom...we're doing our annual girls shopping at Polaris with the Magical Night of Giving. Can't wait!!! We always have a good time (even if we don't win any of the prizes).

Hope you're having a great week! I'll try and get some new pictures up for your viewing pleasure :)


Julie said...

Hey, did you get my email about me coming to Trisha's shower? Just wanted to make sure you knew I'd be there!

Danica Lynn said...

What a coyote??? WTF!

Natalie said...

A coyote? Scary!