Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lexi's present

Miss Lexi received a present in the mail today. She opened it to find one of the absolute CUTEST hats I've ever seen. Seriously. If you remember awhile back, I was complaining about how I couldn't find hats that I liked that were cute enough for my cutie-patootie to wear. In steps my friend, Christina. She sent Lexi this.

So, today? Check out what she got:

Lexi says a HUGE Thank YOU to Chris!!! And if any of you love what she does, check out her etsy site!!! She is willing to do custom orders...just send her a message :)


Simi said...

so cute!!!

Colleen said...

I love it... it looks adorable on her!

Danica Lynn said...

So cute on her! That Chris sure has a great hat business going on!