Monday, June 8, 2009

First time for everything

Friday night/Saturday morning we made our first trip to Nationwide Children's Hospital. Can't say I enjoyed it much. And neither did daddy or Lexi. Thursday night, I noticed a ton of little bumps on her leg. Kinda looked like mosquito bites. Took her upstairs and B thought that it might be hives, so I put her in a cool bath and let her play for a bit.

Friday morning, when I woke her, she had huge blotches all over her body and a couple little red marks on her face. I went ahead and took her to my aunt's and called the pedi when they opened. They told me to go ahead and give her Benadryl and if they got worse or she had trouble breathing or anything to call and take her in. The Benadryl seemed to help, so Friday night, we headed off to our friends house. Right before we put her to bed, they seemed to be coming back a little bit, but not too bad.

Fast-forward to midnight and we went up to get her to leave. The hives came back full force and her left eye was almost swollen shut, her ankles and hands were swollen and she looked miserable. :( Off we went to find an urgent care. Of course, all of them that accept kids are already closed, so we went to Children's. Got there a little before 1am. We had quite a few doctors and nurses look at her and they pretty much said it was an allergic reaction. To what, we have no clue. Nothing's changed in her diet or anything else in her environment. We're thinking it may have been the illness that she had the week before. We left a few minutes before 5am with Lexi only getting about 30 minutes of sleep and Momma and Daddy getting zero. Thankfully, they gave her a steriod prescription to use for her swelling and we are to continue the Benadryl.

She slept until 1:00 Saturday and has been pretty quiet and sleepy all weekend, thanks to the Benadryl. She's not really swollen any more and her hives are gone for the most part. She still has a couple on her leg. Today I have to take her to the dr for a follow-up. Hopefully we get an all clear!

I've gotten quite a few people telling me that she needs to be tested for allergies. Unless the Dr thinks she should be (no one in our family has food allergies), I won't be doing it. Now, maybe if this happens again, I will. No need to put her through that for a one time thing.

Thanks for all the well-wishes! It means a lot to have so many people who care about our little girl :)


Allison said...

I hope you get a good report at the doctor! Isn't there some sort of virus that's going around where it seems like a cold the week before, then ends up in a rash? I feel like I've heard about that.

Oh, and I agree about the allergy testing. I had it done when I was about 2 or so (and again at 26) and it's not much fun. No need to put her through all that if she gets better!!!

Andrea said...

Oh no, how scary! I'm glad to hear she's doing okay though.

Danica said...

I'm such a horrible person! I forgot to follow up and see how Miss Lexi was.

I hope she gets the all clear from the doctor. Poor baby.

I don't think I'd do the allergy testing either. I hear it's horrible. :-(

hopeful #1 said...

Poor thing! I'm glad she's doing better but that had to of been crazy! I hope you are able to figure out what was going on!