Wednesday, September 9, 2009

td snapshots

My friend, Tammy, recently started up a new business, td snapshots. As the name suggests, she takes pictures. But not just regular pictures. She does parties! And events! And she even did her neighbors first day of school! She likes being the one to take pictures so you can have fun and enjoy what you're doing. (I can only imagine when it's time for Lexi to go to school, I'll be a bumbling mess and won't be able to hold the camera still!)

Since this is a different kind of photography business, she felt like she wanted something different when she presented her clients with their proofs. She has seen some of the boxes on my blog and decided she wanted to see what I could do for her. Using her logo colors, here's what I came up with:

This uses a MTT like most of my others. It fits a cd case perfectly with room for her to put some business cards and a release form in there. I love how they turned out! I tried to find a stamp to match her flourish, but so far have been unsuccessful (I think I may have to put a few together to get to that). The scallop holds the flap in place and the melon berry is attached to the top flap.

I hope that her clients like it as much as she does! Thanks so much for allowing me to do these for you, Tammy! Please make sure you check her blog out (and check out her cutie-patootie, Jake, too! too bad he's already betrothed to Madeline! lol)


Danica said...

Those are really cool. What a great idea (and partnership!).

Tammy said...

You beat me to it!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I'm actually scared to touch them because they're so cool that I don't want to ruin them. I'm sending one out this weekend to a client!! I'm going to post about them very soon....I just need to get my act together! You did a FABULOUS job.

jannypie said...

CUTE ladies!!

Simi said...

I love them!!! They are so creative! Your doing amazing stuff Liz :)