Friday, October 23, 2009

Captured Card Case

I was asked to make a set of 8 (yes, EIGHT) magnets for a birthday girl. Only stipulation was they had to be fun. Since I was doing so many, I needed a bigger box to put them in. I haven't used the captured card case lately, so I pulled that one out. It worked perfectly!

For the base of the box, I used Stamper's Select White. The top is done in Lemon Tart. I love the dp, it's one from Hobby Lobby. I actually used this back when Lexi was born and it covers one of the letters that hang on her wall that spell out her name. Amazing that I still have it! But, one of my goals is to cut down on my paper, so that means trying to use up what I have. Once I do, then I can go buy the paper I really want! :)

I did the magnets in all sorts of papers...the one on the far left is from the paper on top of the box :) I *think* they go together...I had a hard time trying to find 8 different complementary papers on hand!

To add a little extra to the box, I tied a Raspberry Fizz ribbon on and added 5 Raspberry Fizz flower buttons. Love those buttons..I think they're so cute!!

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Danica said...

My friend absolutely loved them!!! She told me yesterday her 8 year old daughter has now taken over the box! It's sitting in her room looking pretty.