Monday, November 2, 2009

td snapshots take 2

I partnered up again with my friend Tammy from td snapshots to make her a few more boxes to hand out her pictures in. She had decided that she wanted something thinner than what I came up with in the first go-around (if you don't recall, here's what I did before). She wanted more of an envelope style box.

This one I came up with all on my own without using anything I found on the web :) I really like how the finished product looks. It's still clean and simple. The ribbon goes through both the bottom and top rounded edges to help secure it in place.


All American packaging | Packaging USA | Wrapping Supplies said...

Thanks Liz, for sharing the information. I am so happy to find out more about you and all you like. I truly feel I've found a friend and thank you for that.

Best Regards,

Danica said...

Great as always!

Rhiannon said...

these look great!