Monday, December 14, 2009

Wordy Signs

You lucky ducks two posts in one day! I have posts scheduled all this week because we have our nephew with us and I didn't know if I would have time to post or not. However, I've been trying to get a few Christmas items finished up, so when the little ones have been in bed, I've been busting butt to try and get things done!

You obviously know my new favorite item is my Cricut and I love that I can do vinyl on it. I've shown you a few things I've done, but I haven't done much vinyl-wise. I have this sign hanging in my family room and I absolutely LOVE it. I got it about 4 years ago (before I was all crafty and had any room to craft!).

My siblings and I have decided to start doing homemade gifts for each other to help save money. Last year, I made everyone a set of coasters. This year, I wanted something a little different. Enter my Cricut, vinyl, and that sign up there. Originally, I wanted to do blocks. So, I got an 8ft piece of 2x4 at Lowe's for $1.87 and some black spray paint for $3.00. One of the really nice days, B had out the table saw and I cut them down to approximately 2 ft sections. I spray painted them and sanded the edges and they've been sitting out in the garage.

Until tonight. I finally figured out what I wanted to do and which font I wanted. Here's what I came up with (sorry..I took the pic on my basement stairs as I have no clean surface to take a picture of something that's 2 ft long!):

I'm absolutely THRILLED with how it turned out!! I literally finished it, took it upstairs to show B, grabbed the camera, took the pictures and uploaded and started this post in a matter of 15 minutes. lol!

I just used white vinyl because I thought it showed up against the black the best. The buttons are Scarlet Jewel and sewn with Rustic Twine. I adhered them with some Tacky Glue. I'll check in a day or two to make sure it'll stick :)

So, what do you all think? Like it? Or is it not your style? Would you be shocked to receive this from your sister? I'm just so proud that I did it all by myself! :) :) Now, off to make three more of these!

And stay tuned...hopefully, I'll get another post up this week with my blocks that I did earlier today!


Trisha R Jackson said...

These look terrific!
Hey, have you calculated in how fast you've been able to pay off the Cricut? Can't remember if you got that as a gift or not.

Danica said...

It's perfect. I love it!!! I think your sister will just fall in love with it. Great job Liz. I need to get going with the vinyl on the Cricut. Baby steps though!

Emily said...

I love it, Liz! The font is too cute!!