Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pinterest Craft

Are you on Pinterest? I am....I'm in LOVE. I resisted for awhile because I knew it would be a total time killer! But, in the long run, it saves me time because I'm not emailing myself pictures to keep! Quite a few of my friends are on there, too and so when I needed a housewarming gift for one of them, I started with her Pinterest site! :)

She had this cute little plate that I thought would be super simple...Here's a version that I had pinned from Little Birdie Secrets:

Instead of the Menu, her's said "Notes" at the top. So, since she pinned, it, I followed suit! I found a square plate at Wal Mart, got out my cricut and black vinyl and in a matter of 10 minutes, I was done! I like easy crafts like that!

On the back, I used a circle of velcro to attach a dry erase marker. I wanted to make it so it was hidden, but easily accessible.

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Emily said...

It took me a week to finally figure out where I'd seen it before when it dawned on me! No wonder I love it so much! :) (Although Chuck erased my name so it just said "Congratulations Chuck!" lol!) thanks again girlie!