Thursday, December 8, 2011


One of my very first times pinning something, I came across this picture and decided I was pinning it and I WAS going to make it!

Thankfully, on Black Friday, Jo-Ann's had their canvas all 60% off (heck yeah!!) and I got an additional 25% off my purchase, so I brought home a nice large canvas. Amazingly enough, I already had paint on hand (no pun intended!). All I needed was a cooperative little girl.

She LOVED it!!! And was so excited to do it.

I think I actually like how mine turned out better than the original! :) It's hanging at the bottom of the steps and every time Lexi sees it, she says that's MY painting! Proud girl!

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sarah said...

i love it too! i was thinking to frame it, but a canvas is clever! now to be on th elookout for some canvas sales!