Tuesday, February 7, 2012


My niece's birthday is a few days after Christmas. I knew she'd get a ton of toys for both, so I figured I'd make something that my SIL would appreciate a wee bit more than toys she had to find room for! On Black Friday, I found some awesome flannel (you can't beat $1.49/yard!) and picked it up. I also grabbed a plain white shirt to go with it.

I used basically the same process as I do when making Lexi's pants...use her old ones as a pattern and make them longer or shorter. Since Brooke is two, she went shorter, but the rest of the pants are the same as Lexi is super skinny and could fit into a 24 month pant if she didn't have such long legs!

I love the final product. Unfortunately, the ribbon is just for looks (although it can be untied, it's stitched to the pants). One of these days, I'll learn how to use it as a draw string.

I cut out one of the smaller flowers to use on her shirt to tie it in to the pants. Pinned it to the shirt and sewed around it twice to make sure it would stay. I wish I could have these for myself, I love them so much!!

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