Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Fall

I think I sat for eons trying to come up with a cute box for this next set of magnets! Steph ordered some fall magnets from me and I wanted to try and do a box to go along with it. Once I figured it out, I couldn't for the life of me get the cuts right! So frustrating! I wanted to put the leaves on more than the top, but my frustrations got the better of me :) So instead, I added the Happy Fall on the back.
The magnets didn't come out completely in the picture, but the far right one (and another not pictured) are the same paper as on the box. Instead of making a handle with the ribbon, I just tied it around the top more for decoration. I used the Tea Dye duo on the edges to give a little extra character, too.


Danica said...

So cute! Perfect!

Pam said...

Like I said You are very ver talented.. You are truely blessed..

Packing Supplies | Packaging Supplier said...

Absolutely gawww-geous! I feel like I say the same things time after time after time. I love your post and all you create. Please keep them coming and thank you for all your inspiration.
God Bless!!!