Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dancing Queen

One night, B put on some music and told Lexi to dance. My daughter is a total white girl when she dances...gets it from her momma! LOL I have no clue what she was doing...flapping her arms and what not. Hysterical!

This one was a "You already got ONE picture of don't need another!" ha! And, for those of you wondering....that sweater was sewn by my Grandma. For me when I was Lexi's age :) I love that my mom saved some of my sweaters that Grandma made. Especially since she hasn't been able to crochet in a long time.


Danica said...

She's adorable!!! Love the sweater. :-)

Crystal said...

Lexi has not only your sense of rhythm, but her Auntie Crystal's as well! I'm a flailer too! :)