Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Back in March, one of my friends put on a Quarter Auction (it's basically a raffle where you can get items from Direct Selling companies for a quarter or a little more!). While my friends and I were walking around, we saw those cute blocks above and everyone said how much they loved them and thought that I could make them myself.

So, when one of the girls who said she loved them got married, I knew the perfect gift. I went out in search of some blocks because I was too lazy to cut them myself :) and my first stop was Hobby Lobby. Now, I don't know about you, but I can't pass up their clearance section. And I'm so glad on that day, I didn't...because I hit the JACKPOT!!!

A clock, made out of dice blocks! They were all wrapped together, but I was pretty sure they'd come apart. I only needed 6, but I figured an extra few wouldn't hurt. And for $2.90, I couldn't pass them up. So, I took them home and started my project.

Each one got a nice sanding and a wipe down. And then I started to spray...I did 2 coats of brown.

And then I got to try something I've never used before...CRACKLE PAINT!! Way cool! I got a cream color and wound up doing 2 coats on each block. Before I was done with the last block, the first few had already started crackling.

You'll notice on the back of the blocks, there were already holes drilled in. How awesome is that??

The brown was coming through nicely. I'm not sure if I needed two coats of brown, but I wanted to make sure the red was completely covered. After I finished painting and letting them dry, I made vinyl letters on my cricut in brown and applied them to the blocks. Here's the final piece:

What do you think? How does it compare to the original? I loved how they turned out, and I hope that she did, too! :) Here's some more close up shots.

Amazing what you can turn those ugly clearance items into, isn't it??


Emily said...

AWESOME find, Liz!!

And they turned out so great!!

Allison said...

Those are adorable! I love that the original blocks were part of a clock that you found on clearance--great repurposing and vision!

Kay said...

This is awesome! You should pin this one! : )
I thik I'll pin it, so I don't forget about it- I love it!

Danica said...

They are perfect! They are in the den of our house on our book shelf until our basement gets finished and then they will be hanging on the wall around all of my favorite family pictures!