Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Awhile back, I made a quick, easy frame over Labor Day weekend to showcase one of my favorite pics of my friends and I. Well, it went over pretty well, so I made another one for my friend for her birthday.

I used the same black spray paint, just changed it up a bit. We're Ohioans and most everyone here is REALLY into the Buckeyes (including this friend), so I figured some leftover Buckeye paper would be perfect. Now, if only we had a recent pic of us in our OSU garb, that would've made it even more perfect! But, I found a good one from NYE.

I had some black fabric with white and gray polka dots on it and made 2 rosettes to help make it a little girly and add interest in the top corner.

I think it turned out we just have to take pictures at our next buckeye gtg!

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