Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine Topiary

About a month ago (if not longer), I started seeing these adorable topiaries on different craft blogs. I finally realized they were made out of cardstock and I thought, hey, it wouldn't be too hard to make that myself! Um, yeah...It took me entirely TOO long! But, I'm in love with the final product, so it was worth it.

The most expensive part of this was the styrofoam ball I used underneath! I got the moss and foam inside the pot from the Dollar Store, the pot is from an arrangement of chocolate covered strawberries B gave me one year, I already had the dowel rod and pink ribbon, and the paper I picked up from Michael's for cheap with their valentine's stuff.

This is one of those projects you start out thinking, "this is going to look so stupid" (ok, please tell me I'm not the only one to do that....), but I kept with it and am so happy I did!


Sue Ann said...

How did you make all the roses?? This is BEAUTIFUL and so fun for VD!!! Love it Liz ....... I have the MFT rolled rose die ...... maybe that would work on a smaller one ........ girl this is fabulous!!!

Allison said...

Love it!!! And no, you're not alone in thinking your stuff is going to look bad as you create. :) I'm so glad you finished it--it looks awesome!

Diane Jaquay said...

WOW Liz, this is GORGEOUS!!! That's a lot of roses to make, but your efforts were well worth it!

Kay said...

Swweeettt! I want one of these!
I have to know- did you have the spiral die, or DID YOU CUT ALL THOSE BY HAND?!?